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The smallest state of India, Goa harbors some of the most exciting nightlife options in the country. The after sunset Goa livens up with dizzy neon lights, great music, delectable food – that makes for the perfect ambiance you’d wish for. While Goa’s nightlife undoubtedly beats that of the other states of the country, that’s not all of what Goan night entails. Goa is a classic infusion of varieties and it quite literally has something for everyone to do at night. So be it crazy partying with people from different continents, playing your luck at the casinos or having a beach-side bonfire-barbeque night, Goa has everything that you can think of under nightlife. And we have got you covered for all these and more in compilation of ‘Must do things in Goa at night– The nightlife essentials!

1. The Beach Shacks: Eat, Dance, Sing and Drink – Facing the sea at night

A Shack at Candolim Beach: Nightlife in Goa

A Shack at Candolim Beach at night (Source)

One of the things you’ll find everywhere in Goa are the beach shacks. Atleast, most of the beaches have beach shacks in the peak season of Goa, i.e. October to March. While they are open from morning, it’s after the nightfall when these shacks liven up with bright lights, music and cocktails. The nightlife in Goa on the beaches are thankfully lively because of these shacks. The beach shacks at night are for everyone, the couples, families, group of friends or even if you are solo.

The Curly’s beach shack located a little ahead of Little Anjuna beach is a favorite among locals and tourists to head for after a last swim – their plate of pate and onion marmalade is another reason why people come here. The Pine Shack on the border of Canlangute and Candolim is also a great place to start your evening. They’ll arrange a beach-side bonfire-barbeque for you and your friends, where you can spend an evening relaxing with the rhythmic sounds of the waves.

2. Night Clubs – Discotheques: For the party hoppers

Nightlife and Party scene in Goa

Tito’s Lane at night (Source)

Situated near Baga Beach, Club Tito’s is one of the oldest and most happening clubs in Goa. Tito’s lane is the defining and top place in Goa for nightlife. for A wide range of music is played here with matching varieties of cocktails and alcohol with different cuisines, leaving you spoilt for choices. The Club Tito’s lane houses most of the exciting clubs in the city, Café Mambo, River Front Bistro are some of the popular places here. Club Cabana isn’t one to be missed either. Goa has tonnes of discos and clubs for nightlife, some of them include Temptations and The Alcove at Vagator Beach, Ziggy’s and Johnny Cool’s near Colva beach and Lido’s at Dona Paula Beach. Beach Discos are also a popular norm near, with so many sprawling landscapes of beaches here, it’s impossible to find a beach devoid of music and dance in some part of it at night.

3. Bars and Pubs: For the Night to be spent ‘High’

Shore's Bar at Anjuna Beach (Source)

Shore’s Bar at Anjuna Beach (Source)

You can practically get a drink anywhere in the Goa, till late night, thanks to its liberal laws and lower taxes pertaining to alcohol. Most of the beach shacks have their bars while some places exclusively serve alcohol. Some of the popular bars and pubs here are – Shores Bar and Guru Bar at Anjuna Beach, Britto’s at Baga beach, Found Things at Palolem beach, Tamrind Tree near Sinquerim – Candolim road, among others.

4. Saturday Night Flea Markets: For the shopaholics

Saturday Night Flea Market, Arpora (Source)

Saturday Night Flea Market, Arpora (Source)

A mini party on its own, the Saturday Night Flea Market on Arpora Hill between Baga and Anjuna is a complete mix of live music, food, bars, jewellery/clothes stalls, restaurant stalls of different cuisines and much more. These night flea markets in Goa let you meet different people from different parts of the world and experience their cultures while you bargain for an old blue antique or enjoy a quiet drink and meal amidst them. A little ahead along the Baga beach, there is a smaller market called Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar which has a relatively smaller crowd but equally good food, music and things to shop for.

5. Party Cruises

Cruise on the Mandovi River (Source)

Cruise on the Mandovi River (Source)

Party Cruises from Mandovi River, Panjim offers an exciting alternative to spending the night in Goa. Rather than spending the night on beaches in a pub or beach shack, you can choose to spend your night on a cruise. There’s music often live music, dancing and some delicious food while you cruise along the Mandovi River. A slightly fancier option available in party cruises is the super ‘Solita’ luxury yacht which is an excellent way to spend an evening floating along the Mapusa River all the way upto Mandovi River.

6. All Night Casinos: For The Great Gambler

An offshore Casino in Goa (Source)

An offshore Casino in Goa (Source)

Goa has India’s only live gaming offshore Casino which takes place on cruises and luxury yachts. The most popular casino in Goa  is located on a luxury ship called MV Caravela at Mandovi River. It takes two daily cruises – the dusk cruise and the dinner cruise. There are strict dress codes and live music all night to keep guests entertained. On occasion live dancers also adorn the stage while you play Black Jack, Rummy, Stud Poker, Flash, among others throughout the night. There are plenty of Casinos on ground as well for those who want to try their luck at the game of money! Las Vegas near Candolim Beach is one of the popular ones.

7. Silent Noise Parties

Silent Noise Parties at night near Palolem Beach

Silent Noise Parties at night near Palolem Beach (Source)

While most of the nightlife (happening clubs and discotheques) are in North Goa, South Goa has something different to offer as nightlife that has been catching up to be a popular trend. Every Saturday night, near Palolem Beach, a party takes place known as the Silent Noise. Here, people mostly foreigners, teens and youngsters gather around, plug into the headphones and listen to different genres of music like trance music, hard rock, pop music, etc while they groove on the dance floor. Silent Noise parties are a popular concept abroad and have quickly seeped into the party scene in Goa.

8. Stargazing On The Beach All Night!

Night at the beach: Nightlife in Goa

Night at the beach (Source)

Steal a few hours away from the hip and happening Goa, to enjoy the quieter and calmer side of life in Goa. Lie down on a beach far from the noise and merriment, watching the sun set into the horizon and as night sky takes its place dazzling with stars. Feel the soothing sounds of the waves and gentle wind having a therapeutic effect on you. A night of stargazing on the beach should be on your list, you’ll be grateful for it. You have our word.

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