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We started goMowgli with a vision to revolutionize the concept of slow travel within India. It has been a year since we got started, and we think we are already making a difference. Atleast that is what the review has been on our Tripadvisor page. In this blog post, we outline the difference between the goMowgli experience as against travel with most other bus tour operators in India.

We help you travel. Other bus tour operators in India take you on a tour.

With goMowgli, we only help you travel. You make your own itineraries and craft your own experiences. This difference is the same fundamental difference between travellers and tourists. If you know what we are talking about, we don’t need to elaborate this any further.

You travel around India with goMowgli
And this is goMowgli’s philosophy for travel around India

You go off the beaten track with goMowgli.

Most bus tour operators in India take you where the guide books tell you to go. goMowgli goes to all of them, but goes to a lot of other places too. In fact, we take you to the hidden jewels which only the locals know. If you do not believe us, these are the misty peaks in Chikmagalur District in Karnataka. It is more pristine, less crowded and definitely more enchanting than most of the regular hill stations mentioned in the guide books. Lonely Planet does not even give this place a mention. Or this trail somewhere in Hampi.

Off the beaten path with goMowgli
We take you where no tourists go. Even if it is a bit hard to get to.

Smaller groups, More the fun.

We love people. But that does not mean we hoard 40 people into a bus, like other bus tour operators in India. We prefer to take you around in small groups of about 10-15 people. This ensures a group from different background and cultures facilitating meaningful conversations.

The goMowgli Tour Bus Experience
We believe that smaller groups mean more meaningful conversations. And we love talking :)

More Culture, More Nature, More Adventure.

This one is easy to get. We believe travel is all about experiences and we help you soak in every bit of what India has to offer. Like these stone carvers. Or the elephants. Or like this hike somewhere in the Western Ghats. And we tell you a lot of stories. We promise authentic local experiences, all along the tour.

Photography with goMowgli
And we take you to places like these. An authentic goMowgli experience.

Listen to fascinating stories.

Talking of stories, we promise to tell you a lot of stories. We believe history along with facts needs to be served spicy. And we happen to know quite a bit about a lot of things. For the ones we do not know, we make up our own stories. At least they make a great conversation over a campfire. ;)

Storytelling on goMowgli
Stories are all we remember. And we make them memorable.

Engage with the locals.

We believe travel is all about people you meet. More so about the locals. And we help you meet and interact with the locals. However, when you travel with other bus tour operators in India, you travel in a cocooned space. We promise, no tour operator takes you stay with this wonderful couple, amidst the mountains. Look at the joy on their face!

Homestay experience with goMowgli
There is nothing more soothingly warm than Indian hospitality. :)

Authentic, local food. And more food.

Food is an extremely part of travel. And you will see that for yourself when you travel with us. The bad news is, during your travel with us, you will rarely find Western styled food and you will be able to find plenty of it if you travel with other bus tour operators in India. Instead, you will be having clean, authentic and hearty Indian food all along the way. But then again, why would you want to have a Beef Steak in India, when you can help yourself to this delicious looking plantain leaf meal. :)

North Karnataka Food
We ensure you never go hungry in goMowgli. Travel with us to see it for yourself.

Your guide is a traveller. And comes loaded with oodles of attitude.

We only hire people who have travelled a lot. This means, they have the mindset of all you travellers, including your craziness. They are all extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the places we go to, which make them talk a lot about them. They are also very creative which makes them invent their own stories. But they will ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey, along with having lots of fun. This is so different from the guides of most other bus tour operators in India, who typically stick to a script.

Guides on goMowgli
The entire goMowlgi crew live to travel. And they love travellers.


Isn’t this why we all travel in the first place? Then why would you want to stick to a fixed plan with a tour on most other bus tour operators in India. We are all impulsive travellers and we let you be one. When you travel with goMowgli, you can hop on and hop off wherever whenever you feel like. You can also choose an accommodation of your choice and we will pick you and drop you off from there. You can choose an activity of your choice and we will try to fit it in within our schedule. Ofcourse, if you do not want to do any planning, we can do the planning and booking on your behalf. :)

Sunset with goMowgli
We travel slow and easy around India. And stop over to watch sunsets like these

goMowgli Special Prices

Travel is fun most of the time, except when you get fleeced. And we ensure you do not. Your guide will help you with the best places to shop and keep you guarded from most of the common pitfalls for a traveller. And at some places, we even get you a discount on the regular prices – only because we take people in small groups so frequently. :)

goMowgli activities with special prices
You save when you travel with goMowgli. And have a lot of fun like her.

Now there are enough reasons for you to choose goMowgli over other bus tour operators in India. And you know where to find us. :)

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