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As we complete 2 years of operation at goMowgli, it is time to look back at the journey that has been and to hash out our future plans for the coming years. Undoubtedly, we have seen an increased demand among travelling seeking a slow, flexible and immersive travel experience. This year, is all about getting even bigger and better. How do we do that? We do it with IndiaHoHo!!!

It is with great joy that we would like to announce the launch of IndiaHoHo – a Hop-on Hop-off network spanning across major tourist destinations in both Northern and Southern India. This venture is jointly promoted by www.delapt.com  and goMowgli. Both organizations look at IndiaHoHo as a strategic initiative mutually benefitting each other. So, what does India HoHo mean to your travel in India?

1. Food wars – ‘The Masala Dosa’ takes on the ‘The Aloo Paratha’

The moment we run our tours across both Northern and Southern India, we open an age old debate. Everybody knows that India is a foodie’s delight, with a wide range of cuisines being available everywhere. However, every geographical area has a certain bias towards particular types of food, none more so than the rice based dishes in Southern India and the wheat based dishes in Northern India. And this debate has never been resolved to this date. So when you travel on IndiaHoHo, which side will you choose? Will it be the wheat based Paratha – the thick flat bread stuffed with a variety of veggies (none better than the potato, fondly called as Aloo), served with a delicious dollop of home grown butter along with a bowl of thick yogurt and some spicy pickle on the side? Or will it be the Masala Dosa – the thin rice pancake made crunchy by a generous serving of Ghee (clarified butter), stuffed with spicy boiled potatoes and served along with bowls of spicy coconut chutney and a stew made out of veggies and lentils? If you think this is tough to decide, wait till you taste them both on the IndiaHoHo.

2. Palace, Palace everywhere!

Palaces are a cliché when you visit India. But then again, it is a cliché for a reason. For we have a variety of stunning palaces everywhere we take you on IndiaHoho. From indulgent luxury at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhavan, which was recently voted as the world’s best hotel, to the quaint little cottage of a palace at Mattancherry, Kochi, we have them all. There are a collection of palaces overlooking Lake Pichola at Udaipur, none better than the Jag Nivas Lake Palace. On the southern side of the country, there is Mysore with half a score of palaces, all overlooking the sacred Chamundi Hills. Honestly, we could go on forever, writing about the palaces in India. However, we recommend you buy yourself a ticket on IndiaHoho right away, and travel around India and be amazed at all the palaces that we have to offer.

3. Tiger trails & Elephant escapades

For the uninitiated, India has the world’s largest population of tigers and elephants in the world. This means, your chances of spotting one in the wild, are the highest in India. On IndiaHoHo, you have plenty of opportunities to spot one of them in the wild – At Ranthambore in Rajasthan, Nagarhole in Karnataka and Thekkady in Kerala. But then again, there is more to the Indian wild than Tigers and Elephants! Ever considered going on a boat safari to spot migratory birds and encounter wild crocodiles swimming all around you? Or how about smelling the romance in the air, when you encounter a pair of Saurus Cranes at Keoladeo National Park? All this and more from the wild side of India on IndiaHoHo

4. How about some markets and shopping?

The markets of India are what lured the Western world into this subcontinent and to this day, the charm of an Indian bazaar in hard to escape from. On IndiaHoHo, you will get to experience and shop at a variety of markets – from the swanky malls in Delhi and NCR region to the flea markets of Anjuna, and you will meet a variety of characters, from the fishermen hauling their fresh catch in to the fish markets at Kochi to the vociferous fruit and vegetable sellers at the Devaraja Market in Mysore. Whatever your preferred shopping battle ground, you will be able to see them all on IndiaHoHo. Mind you, we call it a battle ground for no quarter will be given unless you bargain really hard.

5. The kaleidoscope that is India’s culture

Let’s face it. There ain’t a country in the world, with a culture this diverse and unique. The people, the language, the food, the customers and, even the dressing style, changes every 100 kilometres in this country. India, honestly, is many countries in one. On IndiaHoHo, you will be able to savour this cultural extravaganza everywhere we go – from the colourful towns of Rajasthan to the beaches of Goa and Kerala and to the highlands of Karnataka and Kerala. And at each of these places, you get to experience the magic of this land. Stories included.

6. Off the beaten path. On a road rarely taken.

In this digital age, there is no place yet unmarked and unmapped. And yet, despite India being a mega country, most tourists to India visit just a handful of places. Even in these places, they miss out on some precious secrets known only to the locals. However, when you travel on IndiaHoHo, we let you in on some of these secrets and take you along hidden pathways leading to forgotten temples and forts. We then top it up with some spicy stories, making your tour all the more memorable. Moreover, our expertise in all things local does not end there. For we happen to know the best paratha joint along with the best time to visit it. We also happen to know the markets where you can get the best of goods at the lowest of prices. To know all this, you will have to hitch a ride on IndiaHoho.

7. More spunky guides! Even better stories!

If you have travelled on goMowgli, you know the best part about the goMowgli experience are the phenomenal (and highly talkative) guides. These guys happen to know a lot about everything about India, but then again, for the things they don’t know, they invest their own theories. But then again, who cares as long as they are fun. As any goMowgli customer will vouch for, our guides are incredibly traveller (read customer) oriented and accommodative, while having a very good knowledge about the locale they take you on a tour to. And best of all, they will give you a lot of unsolicited travel advice, free of cost. On IndiaHoHo, we promise a very similar experience – everywhere from Delhi to Agra to Rajasthan and everywhere in Kerala, Goa and Karnataka.

8. Essentials of India on ONE TICKET!

Ever since we launched goMowgli, people have been asking about when we are opening shop in Northern India. So here is our answer – this very year in 2016. In partnership with www.delapt.com   , we are going to offer hop on hop off across all the important essentials of India on a single ticket. More importantly, on IndiaHoHo, we promise a very similar goMowgli experience. So when you travel to India this year, all you have to do is buy just one ticket with IndiaHoHo and do nothing else, because we will take you everywhere and manage your itinerary. Taj Mahal Included.

9. Travel India on IndiaHoHo. Travel India the goMowgli way.

goMowgli was started with a mission to simply travel in India and bring about the slow travel revolution. We have made a slow yet steady progress and people around have had quite a bit of good things to say about us. On IndiaHoHo, we promise a very similar goMowgli experience, as the world has known it so far. To know more about the goMowgli experience, read the links below:

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