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Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, and is home to thousands of offices. The road traffic in Bangalore is also known to be one of the worst in the country, and we always hear stories of people stuck for hours together in roadblocks and traffic jams. If you are one such Bangalorean who wants to have a day or two out with your team to relax, rejuvenate and let your hair down and is looking for the top places for corporate outings near Bangalore, you have come to the right page.

Here we list the top places to visit near Bangalore to blow off some steam with your work bunch.

1. Wonder la

If your team is looking to get some adrenaline rush, no better place than Wonder la. It is India’s most acclaimed amusement park, and we are sure it would not disappoint with the 60+ rides it has on offer. Rides like Drop Zone, Maverick, Flash Tower, Equinox, Insanity, Y-Scream, Hurricane, Jungle Lagoon, Boomerang, Harakiri, Banded Kraits, Twisters, Wavy and Vertical Fall etc. are sure to leave you screaming with excitement. You can also treat your taste buds at in-house restaurants like Pizza Corner, Waves, Chillies, Park View –there is something for all palates. There is also a resort within the park that offers comfortable rooms and great food, in case you want to extend your outing.

Distance from city center: 29 km

2. Golden Palms Resort

Golden Palms is the right place for you if you want to have a luxurious break with the work folks. You can enjoy games like cricket, squash, badminton, table tennis, football, water volleyball, chess, billiards etc. Or you could just laze around the swimming pool or go in for a relaxing spa treatment. Not to mention some dance and fine dining. If you plan in advance, their team may even assist you in arranging some unique games like aqua-zorbing or other team-building activities. What more do you need to have a fun time with your colleagues!

Distance from city center: 30 km

3. Ramee Guestline Resort

One of the most popular resorts for corporate folks, Ramee Guestline is located very close to Electronic City. You can enjoy sports like table tennis, pool, badminton and soak in the swimming pool, have a hearty lunch and spend some time chatting by the pool. There is also a life-size chess and ludo area to amp up the fun factor. If you want to have an engaging kind of day, you can request the resort team to organize some outdoor activities for team-building or just sharing general camaraderie. There is something for all types of teams here, thrill and excitement and also relaxation and tranquility.

Distance from city center: 35kms

4. Dandeli

If you are looking for an action-packed day full of team building activities and a day out in the sun, head to Dandeli. Go rafting in the Kali river, head out for a wildlife safari, go on a trek or just have some outbound gaming activities for your group. You can customize it as you want. Since Dandeli is located in Uttar Kannada district, we recommend going for two or three days and enjoying all activities rather than cramming them in a short visit. There are many resorts and home-stay options available to make your stay relaxed and comfortable.

Distance from city center: 460 km

5. Ooty

You have been living under a rock if you have not heard of this place! Lush green farms, serene waterfalls, the Niligiri peaks – all ideal spots for trekking or simply ambling around. Plenty of options to stay and eat in this colonial hill station. If you plan and book in advance, you may also be able to arrange some outbound activities for the team. But we suggest you keep that for some other time; when in Ooty, just calm, relax and let nature works its magic to heal you urban woes.

Distance from city center: 270kms

6. Coorg

You are really lucky if you work in Bangalore, there are lots of places located nearby to offer you the perfect respite from the daily hustle-and-bustle. One such exotic location is Coorg. Breathe in the aroma of coffee as you amble around the hills or water bodies, or just laze around in your resort and enjoy the games and pools. Or you could organize some outdoor training activities for team building purposes. Coorg is a complete package, the perfect paradise to enjoy your team’s time out and achieve complete nirvana.

Distance from city center: 240 km

7. Clarks Exotica Resort

One more luxury resort for your team’s day out, Clarks Exotica is a grand resort, just a 5 minutes ride from the Kempegowda International Airport. You can enjoy a lot of games like squash, basketball, badminton, volleyball, cricket, carrom, and chess or take a dip in the huge swimming pool. There is also a spa available if you want to unwind. Corporate fun activities can also be arranged here. A superb place for the perfect team outing, especially if you have visitors who want to catch a flight after your team event. Oh and did we mention, the food is to die for!

Distance from city center: 30kms

8. Eagleton Golf Resort

If you are corporate honchos who would like to engage in the classic game of golf, this is where you should be headed. Apart from golf which is the main attraction here, there are also other options like poolside volleyball, billiards, horse riding, squash, badminton, table tennis, darts etc. On special request, they also arrange team building activities like rock climbing, rappelling or a trek to Ramanagara. They also have a multi-level swimming pool if you wish to splash around like an aquatic creature. The resort is also child-friendly, just in case you are having a day out with families of your team members.

Distance from city center: 33kms

9. Mango Mist Resort

For those seeking thrill and fun at the same time, head to Mango Mist. You can spend a night in a tent to get the feeling of a true campsite. Or if you are just there for a day-out, you can choose among the many mango packages available. Activities include a barbecue dinner, paint ball, pool party, mist dance, adventure games like zorbing, rock climbing, zip lining, Burma bridge, archery etc aside from standard outdoor games like badminton, cricket, football, volleyball etc. Boating and fishing can also be arranged on special request. What more do you need! A wholesome team outing indeed.

Distance from city center: 25kms

10. Wayanad

Located among the greenery and hills in God’s Own Country, Wayanad is the perfect place engage in thrilling activities in the midst of nature. Rock climbing, rappelling, off-roading in the jungle etc. For those looking for relaxation and tranquility, there are other activities like fishing, boating, cycling etc. You can also pay a visit to some tourist spots like Banasura Sagar Dam, Chain Tree, Muthanaga Wildlife Sanctuary, Edakkal Caves, Kuruva Islands, Soochipara Waterfalls etc. There are plenty of campsites and resorts, so choose one that best suits your team. We recommend staying for 2-3 days to make sure you have a leisurely trip and that everyone goes home happy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Distance from city center: 264kms

11. Machinbele Camp

Machinbele Camp is THE place to be for all adrenaline junkies. Machinbele is actually the reservoir of a dam constructed on the Arkavathi river. It is a popular spot for team outings as lots of activities can be organized here: kayaking, rafting, shooting, paintball, quad-biking, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, jumaring, trekking, zip-lining etc. For those faint of heart, some activities like cycling, fishing, boating are also available. You can spend the night in tents to get the real feel of an outdoor camping experience. But don’t worry, safety measures are in place to ensure you have a safe adventure. Oh, and the food available is sumptuous yet light, just what you need if you are going adventure-hunting.

Distance from city center: 50kms

12. Bheemeshwari

Nestled among the forests in Karnataka alongside the majestic Cauvery, Bheemeshwari offers you a taste of nature that is wonderful and picturesque. You can go fishing, coracle riding, rafting, snorkeling, elephant riding, trekking to Basavana Betta, explore the ruins around the place etc. If you are lucky, you may also spot some tigers, leopards, crocodiles, deer, snakes, turtles or elephants around. Or the Mahseer, the best-known game-fish to man. Outdoor team-building events can also be arranged on special request. There are campsites available for you to spend a night in the wild and feel close to nature. Nature, wildlife, adventure, thrill – Bheemeshwari has everything you are looking for your team.

Distance from city center: 100kms

13. Royal Orchid Resort

A luxury retreat destination for your team, Royal Orchid Resort spans over 8 acres of lush greenery and calm environs. You can enjoy outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, volley ball or indoor games like table tennis, carrom, chess etc. You could also just laze around the swimming pool and indulge in some aqua-therapy for your tired soul. On special request, corporate outdoor events for team-building may be arranged. Oh, and the food is absolutely divine! And all this within easy distance of the city, convenience and comfort at its best.

Distance from city center: 15km

14. Wonder Valley

The perfect spot to enjoy the calm and tranquility of nature, Wonder Valley is a great place, located conveniently near South Bangalore. You can enjoy a myriad of activities like cycling, night trekking, paintball, shooting range, monthly marathon, herbal garden tour, jumaring, river crossing, rafting, zip lining, kayaking, treasure hunt or night navigation trekking. Given that there is a lake in their premises, you can also enjoy boating or fishing apart from the aforementioned activities. And the cherry on the cake – you can spend the night in a tent, in case you decide to stay the night.

Distance from city center: 40km

15. Confident Amoon Resort

Designed around an Egyptian theme, it is a well-maintained property perfect for corporate day-outs. The usual fanfare of indoor and outdoor games are on offer. There is also a 9-hole golf course for anyone who would like to try his hand at the game. Food is on point. Special mention about the day and night cricket stadium, and twenty-four swimming pools! Yes, you read that right. 24!!! Also, a special discotheque and dance floor for your team to let their hair down!

Distance from city center: 45kms

16. Nagarhole

Literally meaning Snake River, Nagarhole national park, situated along the snake-like Kabini river, is home to the teak trees and the highest number of tigers in the country. It is one of the finest abodes of the Royal Bengal Tiger. It attracts wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, adventure lovers, foreign tourists alike. You can go jungle trekking to spot some exotic wildlife or engage in activities like banana boat riding, rafting, swimming, rappelling etc. You can camp overnight in the jungle and cozy around a bonfire, but beware – the light and heat may attract wildlife. All in all, one of the best places if you seek thrill but not your everyday run-of-the-mill activities.

Distance from city center: 220kms

17. Munnar

The lesser said about this place, the better it is! The perfect destination for all your needs – Munnar is the face of God’s Own Country! You can go exploring the place – the tea plantations, the hills, the valleys etc. On special request, adventure activities like rappelling and rock climbing can be organized, but that’s not why you come to Munnar. Stay in some amazing resorts and enjoy a bonfire. Just relax, breathe in the fresh aroma, and feel nature to your bones.

Distance from city center: 465kms

18. Karwar

If all these jungles and adventures and treks and wildlife are too intense for you, head to Karwar. Pristine beaches, intense sun-and-sand and a throw of activities like fishing, moonlight expeditions, ferry rides etc. make it exciting nevertheless. If some of you still crave adventure, rappelling, rope climbing, trekking etc. can still be arranged for you. But take our opinion, and leave all that for another time. Take a stroll along the beach, venture into the gushing waves, build sand castles and just let the sea soothe your tired soul. And oh yeah, hog on some amazing local seafood.

Distance from city center: 424kms

19. Guhantara Day Out

A one-of-its-kind underground resort, Guhantara is a great place to spend a leisurely day with your colleagues. It screams of mythological influences – the restaurant is called Sambhojana, the bar is called Madhushala, the spa is called Agastya Kuteera. There are also other activities on offer like paintball, bicycle riding, tunnel trekking, zorbing, quad biking, horse riding, trampoline, archery, darts, slingshot etc. There is also a large swimming pool to laze around or you could just enjoy a luxurious spa break. A place very close to the city, which offers you the perfect mix of activity and leisure so everyone goes home happy!

Distance from city center: 35km

Corporate outings are essential every once in a while to celebrate team successes, motivate the team to perform better and just to a break from the stress of daily office life. We have attempted to include some new and exciting spots in this list.We have purposefully omitted some cliched spots like Pondicherry, Mysore, Kodaikanal or Hampi but they are great places to visit near Bangalore nevertheless.  We hope you have fun with your team, should you decide to visit one of these places. Do share your experiences with us if you have already visited any. Happy Tripping!



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