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Tigers Kanha National Park
In what is being considered as an unlikely natural instinct, two tigers of the same age were witnessed walking side by side in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh. The scene stunned the onlookers as well as the forest officials. The tigers namely, T-29 Chhota Munna and T-29 Umarpani have been spotted in mild brawls while being in the same area but no major conflict could be sensed between the two. It is also being believed that the tigers are making an attempt to mate with tigress, T-31.

However, what has surprised everyone including the forest officials is the fact that the tigers, who otherwise are intolerant of the trespassers in their respective territories, are not acting violently. There were few minor fights, and in one such combat, Chhota Munna suffered some injuries which were taken care of by the forest officials, but apart from this no significant confrontation was witnessed between the two. Camera traps and vigilance through elephants have been strategized by the Forest Department, and also, a DNA test of the two tigers is being considered.

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