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Tigress Found Dead in Jim Corbett Park

A saddening picture from Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve revealed a dead adult tigress in the Dhela Range. Those probing into the matter informed that the tigress is likely to have lost life due to severe injuries in her chest, neck and stomach which could be a result of a fight with another big cat. In fact, the Gujjar community that inhabits the region reported of hearing the two tigers fighting on Monday night, Aug 28, 2017, and with an intention to distract the tigers, some of the community people created noises, however the attempt was not fruitful.

The tigress body was recovered by the Forest Department on Tuesday morning at 7. The department is now also on a look out for the other tiger that was involved in the brawl, as they suspect he/she might also be injured. Search for the big cat on foot and elephant back has been initiated in the reserve. The Forest Department also cleared the air about suspicion of any poaching attempt, according to them; the injuries on the body of the tigress suggest that they have been the result of struggle while fighting with another animal of the same species.

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