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wildlife safari in ranthambore national park

Its that time of the year when you can gear up for a thrilling wildlife adventure as Ranthambore National Park open its doors after 3 long months. One of the largest national park nourished by Rajasthan in the Northern Plains of India has a total of 10 zones, out of which 5 that were shut during the wet monsoon season are finally open for the tourist to venture on a jungle safari in October.

Ranthambore which make its mark over an area of approximately 400km² is best known for harboring the fiery tigers. Also, the park houses the sloth bears, Indian leopard and many other endangered species which can be seen easily while you make your way through the jungle safari. As the auspicious festival of Diwali is approaching, the national park is expected to be swarmed with tourists since the weather remains pleasant. You can choose this surreal land of Ranthambore as a weekend getaway and while here, a sight not to miss is the Ranthambore fort that invites tourists to come and photograph the beauty of Royal Bengal tigers.

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